November has been a busy month for us.

Morgan took his first trip to the San Diego Zoo on November 17th. Aunti Missy had a free guest pass, so Morgan and I piled in the car with Melissa & Keilani (2 years old), and Sandra and Ellie (8 months old) and we headed down to the Zoo. (Check back for pictures ‘“ we are waiting for Aunti Missy to download them from her camera)
Morgan had a great time just people watching and checking out the new environment. Not sure what he thought of the animals but he enjoyed being outside and seeing new sights. I got him a 4 inch tall stuffed Monkey named ‘œCheeky Charlie’; he likes it because it is the perfect size toy for him right now, and he can chew on Cheeky Charlie’s hands and feet. I also got him his first Christmas Ornament, it’s a Monkey tangled up in a string of lights. We got 2, one for me to always have, and one for him to take with him when he moves out in 20 or 30 years. (This is a Morgan Family tradition that I will pass on to Morgan).

We gave notice at our current daycare, and his last day there is this Friday, November 30th. His current provider wasn’t too happy, which I can understand, we were only there 4 weeks when I gave notice, but the bottom line is that $55 a week will make a difference to us financially. If the level of care was exceptional we would have bit the bullet and stayed there, but I know the level of care at the new facility will be as good or better, not to mention they have extended hours, only take one week’s paid vacation instead of 2 and are open on more holidays.
Morgan spent Veterans Day and the day before Thanksgiving at his new daycare (our current one was closed) and he had fun both days. They just love him and think he is such a happy baby. So it’s nice that he is getting to know the new center before he switches. (Both Keilani and Ellie attend Morgan’s new daycare)
Thanksgiving was spent at Aunt Dot’s with her extended family and with Grandpa Charlie, we got some good pictures of Morgan with his Grandpa. We had a few reasons to be extra Thankful this year, first and foremost that our dream of parenthood was finally realized, and that despite his early arrival Morgan is happy and healthy, but we are extra, extra Thankful because on Wednesday, November 21st the Dr gave her approval to take Morgan off the apnea monitor. He was apnea free for almost 4 weeks as of the 21st, the longest he ever went before was 2 weeks.

So for the first time in his 7 months of life, we can just pick him up and go, and we don’t have to worry about cords or a machine. I can hand him to Don over the back of the couch, walk with him from one room to the next without the extra step of picking up the monitor and making sure I don’t trip on the cord. And it’s his first step towards becoming a ‘œnormal’ baby and putting his premature beginning behind him. And the timing is perfect because he was becoming a master at pulling his leads off. Also, he can now wear T-Shirts and Shorts, instead of onesies (before he would reach under the shirt and pull off the leads) and zip up jammies.
Saturday was Thanksgiving, round 2, with the Haas clan. We had another full feast. 5 ‘“ Yes 5 turkey’s were deep fried! For those of you counting, that’s 1 turkey for every 2 people in attendance. Dad got a great picture of Morgan holding a Turkey leg. Morgan spent lots of time being loved by his Grandma Sandra, Aunti’s Laurie and Dia, and by Cousin Meghan, he fussed at Uncle Mikel, so Mikel gave him back up to mommy ‘“ one of the 15 minutes I was allowed to hold him that day :). He was drooling like crazy and a little fussy all day ‘“ so we think the tooth he has been working on for a month or so may finally make an appearance.
Morgan has starting to laugh a lot. It’s hard to tell what will make him laugh; something that works one day won’t the next. Although Daddy can usually find a funny spot and get him laughing. Hearing him laugh is the best sound in the world! Morgan is sitting up well, and we are going to start him on solid food soon. He’s ready, and he accidentally had a feeding of rice cereal at the new daycare, they thought his pre-measured rice and formula was meant to be spoon fed instead of made into a bottle, they said he did well, but it was messy. I want to start feeding him his dinner, but he has been so cranky when I pick him up that I know it’s not a good time, so the plan is sometime this week. He’™ll start with Rice cereal and then we’™ll add veggies. My goal is to make his baby food, I’™d like his veggies to be 100% veggie with no chemicals or anything else added because I personally know that I cannot bring myself to eat jar baby food, so I don’t want to make him either. There are some good organic alternatives available, and that may be my back-up plan, but I know the cost savings will be worth it if I make it myself.
Friday he gets his second RSV antibody shot and his Flu Shot Booster, and that will close out November.

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