Hi Kim,

What nerd knocked you up’¦Oh San Francisco’¦I’™m Sorry ‘¦I wasn’t listening ‘¦I was looking at you unhindered milk filled breasts’¦do they not have bras in San Francisco?’¦.forget I said that’¦..First of all ‘¦AT&T can do what ever they want with their phone lines’¦they can put in secret rooms for Federal agencies’¦sorry’¦its an American business’¦don’t like get a can and some string. They are allowed to listen to every conversation’¦record it and play back your nerd phone sex so your grammy can hear as she decides to disinherit you.
And next up you stupid lying bitch (only say that because your are stupid, lying and have a matter of fact attitude that can only be described at bitchy) the 4th Amendment is for personal property’¦and the phone lines are not your personal property. And last but not least’¦Wiretapping is not in the 4th Amendment ,neither is Privacy’¦.What school did you go to? (as if it would matter in Northern California) Currently all domestic wiretaps are warranted’¦unwarranted exceptions are being discussed for Terrorist State communications. What personal info do you need concealed that you didn’t already yell into your phone at a crowded airport or hotel lobby……Smarter Questions from intelligent people needed’¦.Stat!

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  1. Although I agreed with most of what you said, you were a little harsh on NorCal. I’m from NorCal–and I’m a conservative Republican! In the future, I’d like you to exclude me from your grouping of NorCal people!

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