This is one of those great videos that has it all. The dividing line between Conservatives and Liberals…fascism and anarchy…pot smokers vs the pigs….it’s all in there.
What is shows: A Florida student at a John Kerry town meeting getting Tazed .

What happened (what the edited video only shows half of)… A student (apparently thinking his voted didn’t count) starting rambling his political speech for 2 minutes without asking a real question…the school cut the mike….then the security guards where brought in to remove him from the microphone when he yelled the question…’are you a member of skull and bush?’. Apparently too naive to know that Kerry cant answer that (think Fight Club).Then he thought it would be better to be violent and anti-authoritative…at which point the security guards restrained him on the ground. As he continued to resist their calls to calm down…they tased him to subdue him. Hope mom and dad are proud…Crying ensued…and then Garofalo sorority girls got upset. ( I also love how Kerry just sat there in silence…but thats ok…this is a daily occurance in todays America)

How many volts is it gonna take until whinny anti-authoritarian liberals (I claim that this ‘student’ is liberal) realize that the voting box is how you win…not discourse and disrespect?

It continues to grow (I guess people are tired of OJ):
ABC News
His Website (what a minute….who is updating this?)
Other Students Chime in……

Update….Too good to pass up!

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