First full day off the vent and Morgan is doing great. So good that the O2 to his high flow nasal canula (nose piece) is down to 23% (just above room air). His new favorite thing (now that the tubes are out) is his pacifier. Kid’s got a jaw like a vise. He even uses his hands to hold it in. The results came back on Dads super blood’¦O- and CMV-‘¦so Morgan got a little transfusion just to pink him up. He is sleeping well and is calmed by his mothers touch. Respiration is even hovering at the magic number 58 (see below). Last pic shows his understanding of the “Westside” hand sign….or support for the Prez (thats my boy). Since he is off the ventilator they don’t take as much blood’¦so the foot tap should be coming off next. Tomorrow is a big day’¦Docs want to try milk again…and also do the 7th day ultrasound on his head. If those pass…we can start to fatten this kid up.

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