First off Deb wanted to thank everyone for the flowers’¦.
The two milk experiences (6pm and midnight ‘“ 1cc each time) last night didn’t go perfectly’¦ they created more gas than anything else. He still processed it and it went through him’¦but the gas production showed his stomach wasn’t ready yet. Back to glucose for the time being’¦will try again in a few days. Today at 2 they took him off the ventilator’¦after a few fits (probably due to a very sore throat) he has settled in nicely and is breathing on his own. He only has an oxygen nose piece and a small hose to remove excess gas from the stomach. Grandma, Uncle Mike and Auntie Dia came in for a visit and got to see Captain breathing on his own. Dia was so excited to see him she forgot to take her camera out of her purse. The late night visit showed him sleeping on his stomach and the calming touch of his mother smoothing out all his stats.

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