Momma came home today. Staples were removed…and she was checked out at noon. Morgan has made leaps and bounds. He is on room air with a helper ventilator. Off the sedation and his stats are holding. Starting passing myconeum before we left’¦a peculiarly black stuff which reminded me of X-Files. But by passing it he shows he is ready for some milk tests. We should know tonight how that went. All still green lights and the normally somber Dr. Kim even smiled and said he is doing ‘˜good’™ (the most positive response we have gotten out of him.) Rented a milking machine (can’t wait to see that on ‘˜How It’s Made‘™ on the science channel) so the HaasHaus dairy is open for business. Got the first report from my blood donation I made on Tuesday’¦turns out I am O- (a rare one which means I can give blood to anyone) neither my mother nor general doctor knew (or me). On Monday I should get the full report’¦and if I am CMV (cytomegalovirus) negative (50/50 chance with 40 year olds) then my blood can be used on every preemie too. And boy am I a bleeder’¦filled the bag in 4 minutes 42 seconds. Uncle Jeff, Auntie Laurie and cousin Meghan (broken bones and all) came to visit.
Pics from Tonight:

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