Quickie Update:
Deb is healing nicely’¦she is up and around and has walked to the NICU a few times unassisted. This morning she even produced some milk’¦most preemie mothers take 3 days. Both baby and Mother are ahead of schedule in many ways. Morgan has been sedated after the pics I took so all the new drugs can do their job without any fuss…and so far so good’¦lungs are clear’¦.color is good’¦High speed ventilator and Oxygen mix have all been turned down in the last couple hours…all good signs.
Debs new room is 218B’¦as of right now she will be there til Saturday’¦when they discharge her for home bed rest. But just like with Morgan’¦it will be when she is ready to move on’¦not on any timeline. (Hear that Harry Reid!!…sorry was having a political talk deficit this last week)

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