8am Debs water ruptured and started leaking.
She was admitted to the hospital at noon.
Morgan is at 26 weeks
Doctors have her on a baby monitor, steroids and antibiotics and insulin.
The drugs should help form the lungs if birth happens soon.
The drugs need 48 hours to take effect.

She has had no contractions now for 24 hours…that’s a very good sign.
Past experience of doctors says that means weeks not days’¦so that’s good too.
Leaking has been minimal.
Next hurdle is the 48 hour mark’¦if we can reach that…survivability goes to 80%
Next hurdle is 7 days’¦that moves it up to 90%
Then its week by week til we get to 8…at that point we should be in the clear.
She will be in the hospital for the reminder of the pregnancy.
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center ‘“ Labor and Delivery ‘“ Room 22
Please send us your Prayers’¦a call’¦or a visit…as she will be cooped up for a long time.

Deb was chipper last night’¦but today was a little down. Our High Risk OB/GYN came in to talk to her and said with this type of thing labor would start between 4-7 days on average. Since all the signs were pointing up so far, this was a back down to earth assessment. Each day Morgan stays inside is three less days in the prenatal ICU. So everybody keep your fingers crossed.
Leaking is still at a minimum…and no contractions’¦.all good stuff
We hit 48 hours tonight at 6’¦a major hurdle indeed.

Deb was in good spirits last night…least amount of leakage so far.
Morgan is still kicking and moving around just fine.
Deb has a new lease on life now that Sanjaya was voted off.
She got flowers from Ward Davis and OFG.
They slept though the night for the first time.
This morning she was bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Doctor said if she stays this stable they will take her off the IV’s and move her to a normal room on the Labor wing (probably at the 7 days mark).
She has Foot compressors now and has gone on some mild blood thinners (since she is just sitting around)

Last night Deb was in good Spirits. She is still leaking but Morgan is creating most of that himself with all the IV’s hooked up (he’s a lil’ pisser). So volume is still pretty stable in his home.
Still shooting for Monday on the move to the new room since Morgan is still in the (not good) Heads Up position.
She has a DVD Player /Ipod and today should have her laptop in and hooked up wireless.
They will probably take her off insulin drip this weekend.
She says thanks for all the flowers…and is working on Thank You notes as we speak.
I will spend most of the day there on Saturday. Feel free to stop by.
Still no contractions.

Laptop is hooked up……Here is todays update…by Deb herself:
Good Morning everyone,
I just wanted to send you all a quick note to say that I have email in my hospital room.
Turns out I have wireless access in here, who knew. So Don got me hooked up last night.

I am feeling fne today – it’s day 6 since the rupture. Now that I have internet access I have done some research. My condition is caused PPROM – Preterm Premature Rupture Of Membrane. 50% of women who rupture before 34 weeks go into labor in 24 hours. 75 – 90% go into labor in 5 to 7 days. So – we are at day 6 – just one more day to beat the odds! And then we pray for every day and week we get after that.

My goal is at LEAST 34 weeks. Short term goal is to make it one more week, Morgan’s chances will go up to 96% if he is born at 28 weeks. But really, we don’t want him to come before 34 weeks.

Good news is I am stable, no contractions, no signs of infection, no bleeding, Morgan’s heart rate is good, 140 – 150 beats per minute. He still has enough fluid to move around which will help him to build muscle tone. I am still leaking fluid, but am told not to worry about that, because he makes more. So we are hanging in here. We have magazines, movies, books, needlepoint, TV and now internet to keep us entertained, so we are bunkering down for a long stay in this room.

I got some privileges yesterday, I can now use the bedside commode and was allowed a 5 minute shower, which I’ll get to do every 2 – 3 days. It feels great to be clean!

Thank you all for your love and prayers! We need all we can get and are grateful for every one! Thanks especially for your calls and visits, it means the world!

You can also instant message me on Yahoo Messenger, my screen name is mdebs1, that way if you are going crazy trying to get me on the phone, you have another way to get through.
Love to you all,

Deb reached the 7th day target today and her reward was removal of her IV’s and relocation to a room with a window (Room 20).
Insulin is now in shot form’¦and thus less effective. Which means the nurses are cutting back on food’¦.half cups of milk’¦no fruit’¦etc. Deb is getting frustrated about that.
Other than that ‘¦..Morgan is still kicking and in his home. Tomorrow he hits 27 weeks.
Each down now is a blessing’¦and Deb is ready for the full 8 weeks.

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