The ‘˜Indie’™ legitimacy of the 90’s have made films like these, touted as A-list entertainment. When I watch them’¦all I see is the ‘˜Indie Mantra’™: Oh’¦you didn’t have enough money to make that shot work. This is Soderberg’s ‘˜Traffic’™ all over again’¦a study in Guerrilla style film making that takes a docudrama style designed for TV and charges us 10 bucks for it. So was the movie any good’¦.well’¦.no. Just like countless other films of the last 10 years it tells the story of 3 or four characters that seem to come together by a twist of fate. In this case An unnamed Arab country is about to loose its Emir. Clooney the CIA Operative (best acting of the bunch), Damon the Economic adviser, Plummer a D.C. power broker all lead different story lines that collide in the end. The overall theme tries to tie big oil with an assignation of a leader of a foreign country…it doesn’t’¦It just an average character study of our times’¦but so was Batman Returns’¦and I have seen that six times already. The most interesting of the stories’¦which has nothing to do with anything else’¦is how a suicide bomber is created in Islamic schools. Any who’¦This type of film making is what makes me hate Indie film….all political’¦no structure’¦too many character arcs and none of them complete’¦loose ties to current hot topic subjects. All filmed like you were there walking backwards drunk with bad eyesight. The kind of film actors and directors love’¦but that’s about it. Think ‘˜24’™ cut to two hours and with two explosions and no twists ‘¦still wanna pay 10 bucks?

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