Latino night ‘“ J Lo..nuf said.
Well’¦.actually she did very well ..she was personable and a gave good ideas’¦so not all is bad. Except for the fact that Latino Music will not fit any of these contestants…but strangely fit the ‘unnamed one’ very well….who knew? ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

Blake Lewis
– Very controlled version of Marc Anthony’s ‘˜Need to know’™. Chorus was dull compared to Marc’¦but he keep everything where it needed be’¦so he topped the night.

Melinda Doolittle – Sway’¦seemed a bit odd for her to do Latin music’¦and ‘¦it was. She did it well’¦but was to worried about moving around on stage then understanding or making the song hers.

Chris Richardson – Smooth ‘“ The only real problem I had was that it paled horribly to the great Santa Version I have heard about 5000 times. He did a good stab at it’¦but I wouldn’t buy it.

LaKisha Jones – Conga- A dance song sung by someone who can only stand there and belt a song’¦so it all seemed off. I picking on song choices here’¦causes the voices are still there’¦just not for this genre.

Jordin Sparks – Rhythm is gonna get you ‘“ Very shaky’¦too manic’¦half of the time she faded away from the mic and the music overpowered her’¦and that was the quite parts. Last note was good, albeit out of place’¦but otherwise too soft and messy.

Phil Stacey – Never heard the song before’¦ it was a dull rambling song about Maria (kind of wish it was the west side story version) he did it no favors’¦just blah.

Sanjaya Malakar – We found his niche’¦Mariachi. Mexican Ballads that don’t require power. He did very well and sung latin like a latino’¦god job SM.

Haley Scarnato – Turn the Beat Around ‘“ Too fast…too quiet’¦to far out of her singing style (which I don’t know what it is anyways) She goes home.

And she did!

J Lo song was ok for a Spanish Only song’¦but not one I would ever buy’¦.but as Deb said’¦it is not targeted at me.

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