Sorry was at the Big M for dinner on AI night’¦So I am filing late. Tony Bennett Night. For some reason he gave no real advice to anyone’¦.I guess standing upright was inspiration enough’¦On with the show (4 days ago’¦psst’¦I know who got bumped)

Melinda Doolittle – I Got Rhythm – Wow’¦its like Ella Fitzgerald or Aretha Franklin entering Idol. How can others stand a chance’¦she performs…not just sings’¦amazing.

Chris Richardson – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore – While the Timberlake style may be a hindrance overall’¦.not tonight’¦it fit like a glove and made the middle of the pack a lot more interesting.

LaKisha Jones – Stormy Weather – Simon got this spot on’¦it was just sassy. Lakisha is still likable and still in the top three. Not sure if the Juke Joint vibe will get her to the finals.

Blake Lewis – Mack the Knife – still has this weird load slow droning that is getting kind of old’¦to be fair it is the type of music this week…so that had something to with it. But I want some spice by the boy.

Jordin Sparks – On A Clear Day – A little rough in the beginning’¦but she is still overly cute and bubbly. And the best final note of the night.

Phil Stacey – Night and Day – Hmmm’¦he should have shined this week’¦but it was kinda dull and uninspired.

Gina Glocksen – Smile – Hmmm something seemed off’¦To slow for her’¦tongue ring and hair took away from the performance’¦but she should be safe (just kidding)

Haley Scarnato – Ain’t Bisbehavin’™ – Boob model Haley continues to be the style (due to her lack of substance) of American Idol. I still have no idea what would be her genre. (unless Disney Theme Park comes up soon)

Sanjaya Malakar – Cheek to Cheek – Got nothing to say’¦.luckily he still has a few hanger ons that can fall before him’¦but if gets to final 4’¦then the 06 elections will make more sense : The US IQ dropped last year’¦.we need to start filtering our water better.

And the Booted One: Gina ‘˜Gimme My Glock’sen. First to last in one
The tragedy remains that Sanjaya still isn’t in the bottom three.

And a bonus: American Idol GAY moment of the week!!!
Just kidding’¦it’s photoshopped’¦.but come on’¦you gasped’¦you know it!!

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