The Goreacle, Sore Loserman, Gore on fire!!…Ok now the review. WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!! The documentary follows the Al Gore through one of his global warming slideshows he has done for the last 8 years. Skewed and incomplete data aside the documentary is clean and professional. Very much like great ‘˜Swimming to Cambodia’™ by the late Spalding Gray. It is intercut with personal stories of loss’¦the…almost…loss of his son’¦loss of the elections’¦loss of his tobacco farm’¦loss of his sister to lung cancer. With his trusty Apple PowerBook in hand’¦always editing and adding to the show with occasional glances out the window as he calculates the best way to get his point across. There are few quirky animations including one by Matt Groening, and a few neat ones showing what happens WHEN the land ice melts at the poles. A clean and somewhat effective slide show’¦and to call the filmed slideshow staged…is an understatement’¦A 100×40 foot screen…theater in the round…and high resolution projector that would put Mann’s Chinese to shame. Gore himself is witty and controlled’¦.but just enough from allowing you to not fall asleep (much like his campaign for president in 2000) There is the occasional attack at the current administration…with jaded applause. His ‘˜Economy vs Kyoto’™ is knocked down to a joke’¦but that’s how he has to portray it…because the facts would crumble his house of cards. There are few of those moments throughout the film: Claiming Government saved the Ozone’¦Showing the car efficiency standards of other countries’¦then not explaining why it won’t work here’¦etc…etc’¦But the kicker is the text during the credits’¦showing ways that you can help…Buy Hybrids’¦Buy new light bulbs’¦the normal hippy stuff’¦then an odd one ‘˜encourage others to see this film’™… the self promoting whore like nature of this line cheapened (And I assure you… cheapening was not all the hard to do for me) the entire film’¦.so now its just another ‘™indy’™ trying to be mainstream’¦move your over simplified fear mongering somewhere else. The fact that this half-truth exercise is being shown in schools as a factual documentary is a bit scary’¦but hey ‘˜Red Asphalt’™ was the same way’¦and I must admit’¦accidents are much more interesting to me now’¦’Officer’¦can you bring the body a bit closer please’

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