A few Flicks-

MINORITY REPORT (3.9 of 5) This was good, good atmosphere, good story (most of Dick-s are), good acting, good chases. A fun romp through the TIMECOP future. So why is it not the greatest Steven Spielberg Movie ever. It-s soulless. He tried with the Pre-Cog going through the Tom-s son-s life in the attic. But the was the closest it ever gets. Tom and Colin were the only ones working hard here. Everyone else was window dressing. This was at Regal in one of the Big Four (Note to self: I like white people in theaters)

FROM HELL (4 of 5) I really like this movie. The Hughes brothers showed that they can direct a non-black film. And do it with the same styles that got them there. Johnny Depp was his usual good, But the rest of the cast was excellent. Coltrane and Holm threw together some of their best work. Visual intriguing, perfectly paced, and just gory enough to top the jack the ripper flicks to date. Good job boys. If you didn-t read the comic book then the turns the film takes are unique and fascinating. Deb didn-t think the ending was satisfying, but just like spider-man (she didn-t like that ending either) I though it was perfect. Saw this one on DSS so of course the sound, aspect ratio, projection and seats were perfect, he he.

WINDTALKERS (3 of 5) It was good, but suffered from the exceptional WE WERE SOLDIERS and BLACK HAWK DOWN coming out before it. It seemed more like a paintball movie then a gritty war flick. Everyone walked through their characters, and made them very uninteresting, although the Slater/Whitehorse connection was very good. Most of the battles lacked the Woo punch I am used too. So the movie seems like anyone could direct it. I hate to say it, but Mike Bay could have made this an exceptional movie. I didn-t feel cheated because I loved old-time war movies. And that-s what this was: a late 50s early 60s Audie Murphy flick. Saw this at the AMC Galleria, projection and sound was good, seats (as always) were bad.

SATURDAY – Deb made me breakfast Saturday morning, she is getting used to the Optifast,(Check her journal on the main page) but I still feel guilty eating around her. Then off we went to Minority Report.

SUNDAY– After Phil and Jen cancelled our ICC meeting. Deb and I went shopping. Picked up a IR remote for the PS2 (Want to start using it as my main DVD player), a hair dryer, and found a great bike for Deb. A Huffy 26- 6-Speed Cruiser-$99 at Target.

huffy (22k image)

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