Hot’..Boulder City.
Drove to Menifee on Friday at noon to hook up with the ‘Dog Catcher’. Chatted with ‘The Coach’ for a while then off we went to Boulder City for father’s day with the pops. This is the second annual Beat-your-father-like-a-rented-mule-golf-tourney. Strangely enough Dad and Lynne were in Los Angeles for a meeting with friends when we arrived in Boulder City. So ‘The Dog Catcher’ and I went to the casino to get some grub and to gamble. Turned my 5 bucks into $25. Doesn’t seem like much’but I was on a nickel machine’Slots of fun is BACK!!! Had some grub (Steak and Caesar salad) and headed home for some Dennis Miller( that was funny) and some snoozing. Next Morn we went into Henderson for some stuff and we got back, Dad and Lynne were home.

Golf Year 2: The night before we all decided that the ass-whooping that Jeff and I laid on the old folks needed to be avenged. So the team of Dad and Mike would stay together. And my new partner would be Lynne (replacing Jeff). Fearing Lynne, the old fogies wanted to handicap us’.12 strokes or Shoot from the black tees. Since it was Best ball, I voted for shoot from the black. It was a good choice; Lynne and I went ahead by 2 on the 4th hole and held on to that lead till the end. Lunch on the losers’ Mexican. Food was ok but the Spicy Bean Dip with the chips was out of this world. Two bowls of chips and Two Pacifico’s and I was done.

Next up, dwindle away at my inheritance. Dad bought back the 260Z he had in 80 and has been restoring it. Almost done, but he still want to remove the California smog parts. The last piece, the carbs. Last year I showed him Ebay and other ways to find Z parts online. He got a new catalog and got some stuff from them but the Non-California replacement carbs for an old Z are expensive or hard to find. So today I set him up on Ebay and Ebay payments. After a little searching, we found 240z carbs and manifold with one day left and was currently at the base bid of $100 bucks. After goading from mike-we bid and won it the next day at $102.50. Dad sent his payment with Ebay payments and the unit is on it-s way. Oh well-hope doesn-t get addicted.
This is right about the time that Deb called: The refrigerator went out. Now she wasn-t eating food, and we stripped most of it out, but she needed Ice for her shakes. I told her to use an ice chest till I get home.

Next dad had me look over his latest additions to his home theater. The DVD player and a new 6.1 Switcher/Amp from Yamaha. Seemed like a good time for fathers day gifts since my gifts were going to be his first DVDs. (Pearl Harbor and Office Space). Well I popped in the DVD and it did not look good. First of all the Player was set to 16×9 and all the bright spots were bleeding horribly. They couldn-t see it , but I could. To test, I plugged in my PS2 in the front s-vhs plugs of the TV, pristine. After looking in the back I noticed the whole system was wired using composite video and analog lines. The only analog device on the whole system was the VCR. So I went scrounging for S-video and TOSlink cables. After one trip to radio shack all the pieces were in place. The TV looked great! Now for the remote education. The Yamaha remote that came with the amp was crap, but the only one that could control the amp. So I got 6 remotes down to 2. One for the Ultimate TV/DSS and one for everything else. I-m going to try to dig up an old Pronto (Or upgrade mine) and get them down to one simple remote. Dad and lynne were thinking about a new TV, but it looked great once we got it hooked up with the new cables.

Monday morn we headed home, stopped off for some biscuits and gravy and launched into the great unknown (known as Nipton really). Time went really fast, then over the hill from Barstow we saw what looked like a nuclear cloud, and I-15 going right into it. Ummmmmm, mike didn-t want to turn on the radio. so we just went for it. About 5 miles before pass near Wrightwood we couldn-t see the car in front of us through the smoke. Then as we started down, we saw it, a huge fire on both sides of the freeway. Helicopters and planes doing drops, the whole thing. We must of lucked out, cause when we got to Jeff-s we found out the road was closed Saturday and Sunday. And when I started home a few hours later, the signs said it was closed again.

Ahhhh..home sweet home. Deb got home about 5pm and we went to get a new(used fridge) a huge side by side , delivered for $700 (1 year warranty) Tuesday I went to get a water line for the ice maker. After installing, the water started shooting out of the internal filter. So I took it out, bypassed it and the shop wants me to bring it by so he can give me a new one. Going to do that today.

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