Every now and then I over analyze something’¦and a root cause becomes clear.
Today’s topic: What is wrong with the U.S.? (and according to Joan Collins’¦.England too)

Human Courtesy.

When did passing on the right become OK?
When did playing your car stereo at 11 become OK?
When did merging without signals become OK?
When did road rage become OK?
When did gangs become OK?
When did blowing up innocents become OK?
When did treasonous activity become OK?
When did Pit Bulls become OK?
When did Child Molesting become OK?
When did Porn become OK?
When did being a Bitch become OK?
When did back tattoos become OK?
When did beta males become OK?
When did questioning Referees become OK?
When did Political Correctness become OK?
When did reverse Racism become OK?
When did lack of Courtesy become OK?

When did it all go wrong in the US?’¦(I blame myself’¦cause I was alive when it started)1969, I was only 2 ‘¦.but still. Before that date we had democrats with a plan, were inspirational and fought for the good for all mankind. We had a working CIA. 99.9% of gun owners had no felonies. There were no helmet or anti-smoking laws. Child molesters never made it out of prison. News was about the news’¦not commentary. The Media asked’¦is it for the common good’¦or just good for us’¦before going on air. Who, What ,When ,Where and most importantly WHY was in every newscast. If a child got out of line a perfect stranger could discipline them. Everyone could walk to school. 95% of our energy needs were supplied by the good ole USA. When a policeman asked you a question’¦you answered followed with a SIR. Suits were required attire at the Whitehouse. Soldiers were heroes.

Conservatives don’t want to go back to a fictitious 1952’¦..they just want to go back far enough to bring back common human courtesy. It is not going to happen I know’¦..but we can at least try’¦..or move to Texas (and build a fence around Austin).

What’s the other thing wrong with the USA?’¦’¦.lack of accountability (but that’s a different rant)

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