When you follow the war from all sides like I do’¦you learn a lot of neat stuff: Never trust a report from the green zone. Only trust a grunt if he is reporting to another grunt. War is not for the weak. On story reporting: Network Bad / Embed Good ratio is 1/10. Last November the Deuce Four held there ‘˜Punishers Ball’™’¦a welcome back and redeployment party. The 24th was the Mosul Fire team that turned that place around. After NBC/CNN/CBS analysts said it was a lost cause’¦they were security when Bruce Willis came to town last year and the embed assignment for one of the best blogger embeds in the war’¦Michael Yon : http://www.michaelyon.blogspot.com/. Well Bruce came to the party a whooped it up’¦explained how he wanted to join up’¦but was denied due to age’¦.and how him and producer Stephen Eads are finally going to make a pro-war film hopefully biased on the Deuce Four. To use the term PRO-Anything these days applies a black and white tag that is usually assigned to the extremes of the argument. But in this case it just takes us back to pockets of great films that have been lost by the Anti-war films of the last couple decades. Greats like ‘˜Rambo’™ and the films by John Wayne, Audie Murphy, and to a lesser extent ‘˜Saving Private Ryan’™ and ‘˜Longest Day’™. Movies that show you who the good guys are and the sacrifices they make’¦Ok’¦’™Kelly’s Heroes’™ too

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