Ahhhhh! Laughlin.
Howdy folks, First report since the Laughlin trip.
Well I walked out to my car Thursday morning to see a ticket on the windshield. No front License Plate and No tags. 90 Bucks. I have registration, but the sticker was stolen at work 4 month ago (I forgot to cut it when I put it on) so basically this omen tells me what will unfold this weekend.
Friday – All packed up ready to go, uneventful till we reach Bullhead city, AZ to get gas. I go back to the trailer and noticed the tread is coming of the tire. Tube inside so it is still inflated. Only 2 miles to go and it-s 1am so I leave it be, it should make it to the water tomorrow morning. We stay at the Flamingo in Laughlin. Up the next morning at 9 and off to the lake-after 200 feet ..the tire blows. I pulled over and change the tire with the spare. But I didn-t notice the stem was in backwards, and I bent it trying to install the tire.
Pumped it up at the gas station, and went to the lake. Overcast hot (98) but not as bad as last year. After everything was set-up and blown up, I sat down for about 2 hours to catch my breath. Man, I am fat and out of shape. First night was fine, Cool, Quiet, 4:20 and fireworks (had a few left over from Powell last year) Next morning everyone arrives. No clouds cover so we got to 100 today. About three we realize that our little Scuba plans to Cabinsite Cove was going to be cancelled. Jeff lent his scuba equipment to his father in-law the week before and the weights never made it back to the scuba bag. No weights – no sink. So we went out about 100 yards in our own cove and he held onto a rock. So the AVON, engine and gas were never used. That night it cooled off quicker and we both sleep well. Deb was handling the heat a lot better this time, No rash no sunburn. The next morning, it all went wrong. Jeff was coming down to the lake to pick us up around 9am.
I packed everything up and noticed the tire we replaced was flat-all the way to the point of breaking the bead. When Jeff got there we tried a few things-but ended up driving to Wal-Mart. And leaving Deb there with no shade. And as it turned out, no sunscreen either. When we got back with the tire, Deb was in bad shape. Very bad decision on my part leaving her there. Heat rashes on her arms and a little burnt on the shoulders. We loaded up and headed to the hotel. Got showers and hit the road. Not much traffic til we got 20 miles out of Barstow. And when the flow started up again. Jeff and I passed a slow truck and you guessed it..We were pulled over for speeding. 72 Miles an hour in a 70 zone, seemed ticky-tack till we read that vehicles with trailers cant go over 55-duh! All in all, a good trip. I took no pictures but Jeff and Andy did. So when I get those-I will post.

Undercover Brother (3.1 of 5) – The seventies, Blaxploitation movies and star wars. I was a teen, but remember Coffey and Shaft and the jokes in Kentucky Fried Movie. (Friend of the family was in the film so I got to see it before I was 18..he he) Well-they all come back in a OK Austin powers spoof. A lot of the jokes are inspired in a Blazing Saddles kind of way, but the overall film needed some polish for it to surpass films like Baseketball. I got the same about of laughs from both. This film needed to be-R- and a little less PC. Doogie and Chapelle were wonderful, everyone else just glided through it.

SW-Episode II (Digital) (4 of 5) – Yes, attempt number three, Mann-s Chinese theater in Hollywood. DLP made the Scenes jump off the screen, Nice and sharp-seemed a little dark. Sound at the theater was great as always, but the acoustic in that place still sucks… probably from the time they built it (echo was nasty) It was a group outing with dinner at Buca Di Beppo-s in Universal city and the movie. Group: Me, Deb, Jeff, Sandy, Phil Jen, Ben, Ben-s Brother, Susanne, Andy M (Moving to NY next month), Kevin K, and rob and J9 showed up at the movie too.

2 Days to Optifast Day One : I will post Debs round ONE (strange and unintended pun) tomorrow.

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