And So it Begins’¦’¦American Idol 2006

The 24 are picked and slated to start whipping it out next Tuesday. The two most irritating, undeserving, too-gay, Primadonnas would have made the cut’¦too bad there were fugitive felons’¦. Bye Bye Brittenum twins. Doing the happy with bubba as we speak’¦..’™My Spirit is Broken’™’¦.(shut up and bend over)

Early choices:

Feel Good Pick: Kellie Pickler ‘“ (story is just to good)

I Don’t Think So Pick: Bobby Bennet ‘“ (weird’¦just too weird)

Don’s Famous Hottie Pick: Ayla Brown (come on.. Basketball star, dark hair’¦it doesn’t get any hotter than that!!)

If I Was Gay Pick: Ace Young ‘“ (Hands Down’¦I mean it put you hands were I can see them)

Cant Leave fast enough Pick: Brenna Gethers (only Mikala last year was more irritating)

To Talented To Be There Pick: Paris Bennett ( Come on’¦she doesn’t need this)

Nicknames will come next week after I hear them sing’¦.but a few already have them:

Taylor Hicks is COCKER
Becky O Donohue is BROOKE
Ayla Brown is HOTTIE (of course)
Stevie Scott is OPERA
Kellie Pickler is PICKLE

More to come’¦.so stay tuned.


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    Well hey there!

    Here are the top three picks to go all the way to the end and battle it out among(st) the women.
    1. Katharine McPhee – the whole package
    2. Lisa Tucker – the 16 year old superstar in the making
    3. Ayla Brown – the over achiever – i like the way she towers over Ryan

    least favorite:
    1. Becky – makes the ugly face all the time… hate to see her in the sack makin’ those scary faces — probably will take a couple weeks to get rid of her (on the show AND out of my bad dreams)
    2. Brenna – mean girl, thinks she is the sh!t – reminds me of that ex-cop character on Lost.. “Go ahead, knock this battery off my shoulder”

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