24 hours – The turn signal is on….expect a Right

Been laying off my fellow Californians this week due to the knowledge of butthurt ointment taking weeks to work.

But as I noticed the stream of California Democrats that are boycotting the inauguration of the President of the United states, I was reminded of a Story…told best by Mike Rowe himself.

The moral is…the same that LAPD police chief in Die hard learned: “If your not part of the solution you’re part of the problem….Quit being part of the Fucking Problem!”


One of my pet peeves is when someone that represents me does something stupid.

Seems Kamila Harris stepped right up into the long running “California’s Stupid Senator” seat on day one.

Of course…Of the Reps I have voted for….I am currently only represented by my Mayor, but in less than 24 hours….my representatives will double.

As a side note: My Redondo Beach office of 15 people, only the representative (Nanette Barragán) of Myself and my Office Manger (We are in same district) is going to the Inauguration.

For shame Cali.


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