2017 – Happy New Year (Safe Spaces exempted)

2017 is here!!

The real adults are in charge. Here are some tidbits to prepare you for the coming reality.

WARNING:If the following offends you or makes your brain hurt’¦you are in for a long 4 years.

To start here is a piece from the SoCal/Lawyer/Colonel himself Kurt Schlichter:

Let’s step back and think about who Trump has shown himself to be. Sure, he’s vulgar, and his knowledge of traditional conservatism is ‘¦ limited. But he’s a competitor, and if he’s stupid like the liberals say then what does that make the liberals who Trump keeps beating as enthusiastically as Josh Marshall tweeting past midnight? Look, the guy is a property developer. If he does not deliver what he promises, the buyer won’t take occupancy and he loses money. Trump knows from his own experience ‘“ and the painful experience of the follow-through-free GOP ‘“ that the way to win is to deliver on his promises. It may ruffle our conservafeathers, but Trump promised to keep Carrier in the USA and he did it. As promised, the market is in the stratosphere and consumer confidence exists again. Trump promised to nominate conservatives and he did ‘“ do you think that whiny puffball Jeb Bush would have put up a cabinet full of Mad Dogs and activists aching to burn their own useless agencies to the ground?

Go read the rest at TOWNHALL.COM

Since the death of Christopher Hitchens, Not too many Britons have picked up the slack.
But fatherly smack downs from Pat Condell ,weekly dressing downs of the stupidity of the left by Sargon of Akkad, and snarky brilliance from Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars filled the void.

Paul’s January 1st 2017 highlight video is almost porn…Enjoy

2016’s best delights online came from Radio host Dennis Prager : Prager U.
All are brilliant and should be required viewing in High schools across the nation.
Top people in their fields do them..but every now and then Dennis will do one..this is two years old,but just a prevalent today:

Get ready for a wild ride. The type of change that will happen in the first year alone will be very unsettling (to the snowflakes that is).

While my state of California has its own issues to deal with, including a secession movement (which I stangely support…so I can fight on the union side) the nations “rising of all boats” may just keep my state afloat a little longer.

And as always…you were told this was never gonna happen (by the experts):

And to start the year off right…the man himself…simply awesome.

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