Presidential Debate Number #1 – 2016

Who Won?…well a Draw really.

Trump didn’t lose anybody’¦and Hillary steadied her supporters that had wobbly legs. The people who dont want either were not convinced and still care less…all in all…A good first round’¦Game On!

  • Lester Holt started very well’¦then turned into Candy Crowley (and just as incorrectly) for the last hour giving Clinton far too much shade.
  • That ‘stop and frisk’™ bullshit by Holt and Clinton is going to bite them in the ass.
  • Trump took the bait too much and was on defensive most of the night.
  • Her attacks were feckless. (and then smiled like she hit a Home Run)
  • Trumps attacks were good (but then he diluted them but running on and on)
  • Best Line goes to Trump :’You have been doing this for 30 years’¦why only now do you have solutions?’ ….Honorable mention: Email Server :”more than a mistake; that was done purposely.”

Take always: Lester Holt brought up every bad thing about Trump in the questions (stop-and-frisk, the birther story, his comments about women, his many bankruptcies, why he hasn’t released his tax returns.’¦but nothing about Clinton…anything brought up was by Trump himself, and he fumbled a bit there by only hitting 3 of the 20 things he could swing at. So technically they (The left and media) shot their wad’¦its open season on Hilary for round 2 (if it’s not rigged of course).

Dilbert’s own Scott Adams gave the best ‘Trump won’ explanation: “Clinton won the debate last night. And while she was doing it, Trump won the election. He had one thing to accomplish ‘“ being less scary ‘“ and he did it.”

In the end it was the School Marm that thinks her shit don’t stink vs Donald the Doer. And the people who like those types thought their side won.

Me’¦.still #trumptrain. She is a power hungry person from a societally damaging party.

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