First LA Rams Game 2016 – Very Bad Indeed

In an attempt to prepare myself for the upcoming season’¦I need to get a few things off my chest.

Lamest national anthem ever.

ESPN’s B-team sucks’¦I have not seen coverage like that since the dark days of watching the rams play some hapless AFC team on CBS. 6 missed plays, never saw one WR route the entire night, and Boomer/Young were irritating as fuck’¦.but oh did they did cover Kaepernick, pissing on the one thing left in this world that can unify us.

Fault goes all around’¦but Case really didn’t seem like the culprit until the fourth quarter’¦after being battered for 45 min. I say ‘SEEM’ because the ESPN didn’t show me the routes or progressions’¦dickheads. He seemed to hit his marks’¦but drops and HORRIBLE O-Line play made us look like an undisciplined High School team.

Tavon’¦you can have the fair catch’¦that’s fine’¦but 4 drops when it hits your hands’¦give some of the money back.

Defense’¦I saw lots of positives’¦super-fast and very disruptive’¦Ogletree will be a good middle linebacker someday’¦but we may have to wait until game 3 or so. The defensive penalties were standard fare and corrections can be made’¦I am not willing to fault Aaron Donald in the 4th’¦he just did what I was feeling. The last score was just handing them the ball and saying we are done. So with only a few fixable middle-field mistakes, I was happy with the defense.

Are the 49ers that good?…No…I feel they will still have a losing season’¦but they were (and maybe ‘˜are’™) better than us.

Once Sunday night football started’¦I think the Monday night game became unneeded’¦all last night’s coverage did was prove the point.

I think Manion should have been put in the 4th’¦only because Case was getting knocked around too much’¦not because he was necessarily bad’¦It is still his job.

If I could see the routes (fucking ESPN) I would have a better line of criticism for the play calling. But as my friend Punxatani said’¦’that was discipline’¦and that starts at the top’. And he is right’¦Fisher has a lot of blame here.

On Goff’¦Ok’¦I trust Fisher to bring him at a time when he can win for us’¦he is not ready’¦ I could see that on Hard Knocks’¦He will be a great pocket passer. But if we lose the next 5 Road games (thanks NFL)’¦it will be time for some on the job training.

Seattle seemed weak on Sunday’¦so not too far-fetched to be able to tighten it up.

Vent released’¦..WHOOOO SAAAA’¦..WHOOOO SAAAA.

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