2016 and the Convention of States

The Constitution gave us an out from the tyranny of federal government. As a republic, the States maintain the most power over day to day lives and the Federal Government is limited by the constitution to protect ONE person or the whole country…No groups…parties…etc. But if the Federal Government oversteps it bounds….the States can rise up and knock those laws down. Its called the Convention of States. A Convention of States is a convention called by the state legislatures for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution. They are given power to do this under Article V of the Constitution. It is not a constitutional convention. It cannot throw out the Constitution because its authority is derived from the Constitution.

Ok…Got It?

Now Go read the Constitution….done?… good.

Now find every Federal law passed since the New Deal….done?….well done…you did faster than I thought.

As you can see…the limits of the constitution has been pushed every year since then. So now the people of Vermont have to deal with the inadequacies of the New Mexico (and vice versa).

So is it time for: Convention of States?
It has been a murmur in the back political rooms for some time…but after the first 2 years of the President Obama…it has been picking up steam once again. Mitt Romeny had the Moral and Managerally style to rein in some of the problems and the House and Senate where ripe to solve them…but alas the electorate didn’t see it. So now once again we are at a crossroads. Trump and Cruz seem to understand what is at stake…so this talk will quite down again..and if either wins , they will be given a wait and see.

In an attempt to what can be described as a “what we need” Governor Abbot of Texas laid down the groundwork of what a Convention of States would do:

Prohibit Congress from regulating activity that occurs wholly within one State.
Require Congress to balance its budget.

Prohibit administrative agencies–and the unelected bureaucrats that staff them–from creating federal law.

Prohibit administrative agencies–and the unelected bureaucrats that staff them–from preempting state law.

Allow a two-thirds majority of the States to override a U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Require a seven-justice super-majority vote for U.S. Supreme Court decisions that invalidate a democratically enacted law.

Restore the balance of power between the federal and state governments by limiting the former to the powers expressly delegated to it in the Constitution.

Give state officials the power to sue in federal court when federal officials overstep their bounds.

Allow a two-thirds majority of the States to override a federal law or regulation.

Pretty sweet….you dont like your state…move. It is how it should be.

So..support the people who like these ideas….shame the ones that like the government to be their daddy…that is all.

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