I have been laying low on the heath care incompetent boob show….(Benghazi will stay at my frontal lobe til O and Hill truly suffer for that abomination…even with the “Oh Yea..we sent some guys” news from today)…But its time for a shout out to the Heathcare.gov designers: ‘Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique’ (the Canadian company that created the Canadian Firearms Registry)

CGI is so Canadian their name is French: Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique. Their most famous government project was for the Canadian Firearms Registry. The registry was estimated to cost in total $119 million, which would be offset by $117 million in fees. That’s a net cost of $2 million. Instead, by 2004 the CBC (Canada’s PBS) was reporting costs of some $2 billion – or a thousand times more expensive.

Yeah, yeah, I know, we’™ve all had bathroom remodelers like that. But in this case the database had to register some 7 million long guns belonging to some two-and-a-half to three million Canadians. That works out to almost $300 per gun – or somewhat higher than the original estimate for processing a firearm registration of $4.60. Of those $300 gun registrations, Canada’s auditor general reported to parliament that much of the information was either duplicated or wrong in respect to basic information such as names and addresses.

Sound familiar?


You know when each database entry costs more than the actual item being data-based, you just might be fucking incompetent.

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