Top Shot returns…and a top shot to boot


One of my big fears after having a combination of a Democrat President and a tragedy like the Newtown Connecticut shooting is that number one: ammo would be difficult to buy…that is still true…and number two: History Channels “Top Shot” would be boycotted and forced off the air. All the way until two weeks ago there was no advertising or web updates from History channel on this…but then…there it was…and Top Shot All-Stars quietly began last week (May 29th). Bringing back most of the 2nd 3rd and 4th place ‘Individual level’ shooters from all seasons. Spoiler alert…one chick made the cut and while she finished bottom 8 in the last challenge…she was not on the bottom rungs…bravo Gabby.

Oh…wanna see what keeps the bad guys second guessing their attacks here?…..I give you Ryan Cleckner and the Barret 50 Cal.

…And Top Shot’s Colby Donaldson was there to record it.

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