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There are still a few more from 2012 I want to see before I commit to my Top Ten of 2012 list.
Still on the want list: Jack Reacher Atlas Shrugged 2, Chronicle, Django Unchained, Here comes the Boom, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, This is 40 and Zero Dark Thirty. I will have better reviews for them as well’¦but here is a quick list (in alphabetical) with my ratings.

1=Skip it
2=Might be worth it to you
3=Good Stuff
4=Great Dinner and a Movie
5=Should have saw it in the theater

2016 Obama’s America (3) pretty good doc’¦you were warned
21 Jump Street (2) Silly and stupid
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (3) edges out all the twilight films
Act of Valor (4) Clean action as it should be
Alex Cross (1) Cable movie at best’¦waste of a good bad guy
Argo (3) good pace, good insider stuff
Battleship (3) Too much boom’¦but mindless fun.
Brave (2) Worst Pixar/average for Disney
Cloud Atlas (2) The experiment topped at Matrix’¦now just too messy.
Dark Shadows (2) Did not connect with it at all
Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (2) Irritating people and message
Dredd (4) Correct Dredd…albiet a bit too British
Flight (3) Quality ‘¦but a downer.
Frankenweenie (3) Beats Paranorman in execution and orginality
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2) better filmmaking on a lesser story
Goon (3) Might be worthy of a top ten Hockey movie (or top ten idiots)
Haywire (2) Good first film for her’¦lets ee if anyone bites on a second
Hotel Transylvania (2) Too much scattered running around
Ice Age: Continental Drift (4) Wanda Sykes moves it up a notch
John Carter (5) A few style missteps’¦but a high quality attempt…a working sci-fi love story
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2) Peck pop of love’¦overall stupid
Killer Joe (1) Indie at its average’¦enjoy the murkin
Looper (4) Good solid time travel pic
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (3) A potheads dream
Marvel’s The Avengers (5) Near perfection
MIB 3 (2) Needed another year of polish’¦feels like a money grab
Mirror Mirror (1) Blah’¦style no substance
ParaNorman (3) Fun attempt
Premium Rush (4) Tighter version of above average ‘˜Quicksilver’™
Prometheus (3) Scale trumps stupidty
Red Tails (1) See the HBO film from a few years back’¦this is a pale retread.
Resident Evil: Retribution (3) Mindless Sci-Fi perfectly shot
Safe House (2) Gritty and unsatisfying
Savages (2) Oliver Stone Grit to a subpar cartel drama
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (1) dull chick flick
Skyfall (4) Not the best of any bond cycle’¦but very good beginning to end
Snow White and the Huntsman (3) interesting’¦but needed a better Snow White
Ted (5) Down and Dirty 40 year old humor
The Amazing Spider-Man (4) Peter Parker as a Dark Outcast’¦.ummmm ok
The Bourne Legacy (3) Above average
The Cabin in the Woods (4) very unique and interesting’¦might be lost on general audience.
The Campaign (2) Overly scummy and not funny
The Dark Knight Rises (5) Fitting end are par with the brilliant predecessors
The Dictator (2) 2 stands for the 2 funny jokes in it.
The Expendables 2 (3) Same fun’¦a little too hurried
The Grey (3) A slow death’¦in an interesting way
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (4) First HFR flick to hit’¦I like it…a little drawn out.
The Hunger Games (3) Teenager version of Battle Royal’¦it works
The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2) Has that British ‘¦nearly funny vibe.
The Raid: Redemption (4) K Fu version of Dredd…more action
The Raven (1) Blah
The Three Stooges (2) Better than a bad…actor commitment was nice
The Watch (2) Ben Stiller movie style is becoming a bit long in the tooth
This Means War (2) Really McG?…a love triangle between agents?
Total Recall (3) Not a guilty pleasure like the OG’¦but a nice tense version.
Underworld Awakening (2) near the end I hope
Wrath of the Titans (3) A dusty sequel
Wreck-It Ralph (2) surprisingly cookie cutter’¦and irritating

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