Here is the high hypocrisy version

So the ‘Useful Idiots with Mega-Phones’ (a.k.a entertainment personalities) stepped in it again with the “Demand a Plan” campaign.

Is a boycott in order?…sure… .once you see the list…you will see they are kinda boycotting themselves for us.

So here is the list:
Jamie Foxx
Michelle Williams
Chris Rock
Will Ferrell
Selena Gomez
Jeremy Renner
Peter Dinklage
Paul Rudd
Amy Poehler
Jon Hamm
Cameron Diaz
Reese Witherspoon
Jessica Alba
Gwyneth Paltrow
Sarah Silverman
Julianne Moore
John Legend
Jennifer Garner
Courtney Cox
Christina Applegate
Aziz Ansari
Carla Gugino
Kate Hudson
Amanda Peet
Anna Deveare-Smith
Busy Phillips
Brooke Shields
Conan O’â„¢Brien
Debra Messing
Elizabeth Banks
Jason Bateman
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Westfeldt
Joel McHale
Megan Mullally
John Slattery
Kathryn Hahn
Kristen Bell
Nick Offerman
Olivia Munn
Steve Carrell
Zoe Deschanel
Josh Charles
Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Where is Spike Lee on this?

OK, so no big deal…easy to sweep these ones under the rug. Was a little surprised with Renner…but in the end he is used up and gay action stars have a short shelf life anyways. Bateman and Rudd seem to have a good level of product now but can easily be skimmed over. McHale is the only one I see regularly on the Soup…but alias I believe it is time to move on with him as well.

Thank you J.J.Abrams, Will Smith and Tom Cruise for avoiding this video.

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