Football Picks – Week 5
Last Week 11-2 (.846)
Year 20-6 (.769)

Vikings over Atlanta (-4) A Dome is a Dome. And-Get the ball to Randy- is in effect.
Chiefs over Broncos (-3.5) Home and on fire.
Titans over Patriots (-1) Pats still pissed at coach, Mullet will out power Belly.
Panthers over Saints (-7) Turf team on grass, Carolina by 10
Seattle over Green bay (+3) Marquee Game-Farve will win by 1.
Cardinals over Dallas (+7.5) AZ always plays Dallas well-spread too high.
Raiders over Bears (-4.5) Monday night loss too hard come back from.
Bills over Bengals (-7.5) Buff runs up the score at home.
Miami over Giants (+1) Dolphins continue the grind out road games.
Chargers over Jags (+3) Karma dictates SD wont win at home for the fans. But away is a different story.
49ers over Lions (-7) Turf team away on grass. But would love this pick to go sour.
Redskins over Eagles (+5) Time to bitch-slap Philly back to reality. Either way it wont be 5
Browns over Steelers (+6.5) Browns have the players to stop Pitt…and cover the spread.
Colts over Bucs (+4) Colts are flying high, if they lose it wont be by more than 3.

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