Rams Win Week 4:
Rams looked unstoppable-albeit it was against the cardinals, but all the cylinders were firing and the luck factor fell our way many times. We punted once, and the weak link was actually Bulger. He had a 272/2 touchdown day. But was a total of 10 feet from a 380/5 touchdown day. The O-line looked-Superbowl- and kept Bulger clean for the entire game. The D was on fire, 70% of the blitzes worked and the Cardnial-Super Rookie- WR was never heard from. Now we have a bye-and return full throttle with return of WR Curtis and FS Sehorn in two weeks.
On a side note : the ass-ripping dismantling of the 49ers by Minnesota was almost as satisfying as Rams Game. The 4th Quarter collapse of the Chargers was the only thing that kept the Haas Tri-Fecta from coming to fruition.

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