The Debate – My Observations:
Arnold: Agreed with McClintock on most issues and attacked Davis and Cruz Bustamante for their failed programs and fiscal policies.

Camejo: Attacked Bush-It-s a California campaign!!…idiot. and said corporations get away with too much. Left Davis alone and attacked Arnold and Tom. Came off as a Socialist…good luck with that one.

Huffington: Attacked everyone (Bush Included) except Camejo. And didn-t bring up a single solution except take out corporate loopholes-. Great idea-charge businesses more-Oh that will keep them here. Made personal attacks on Arnold and Cruz….she really is the ultimate Ex-Wife.

McClintock: Has a long line of solutions, but was too much brain and not enough personality, and doesn-t look like he can bend enough to get things passed. And he didnt confront Arnold at all. Tom is a great man in the wrong state.

Cruz Bustamante: Took most of the attacks in stride but in a truly-You don-t understand- condescending way. Only solutions were more spending on colleges and Latinos-huh?

Who am I voting for: Arnold
Why am I voting for him: He is the one that can cater to both sides, but still stop the spending. Fiscal health is his number one priority.

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