September Rant

1. Your right…minorities ARE to stupid to vote, thank you 9th court and ACLU for pointing this out.
2. Davis: Illegal immigrants need to learn how to drive…yea in their own county lets drive them there.
3. Busta’mencha’ is fiscally the same and socially worse than Davis…And he is winning the polls…way to go CA.
4. Union Problem Number 1…when the state suffers…they don’t.
5. Union Problem Number 2…70% of Union workers are Raider Fans.
6. As I start to feel sympathy for the Palestinians and Islamics, all I have to do is watch those planes take out 2500 innocents…then I have no support for people of that mentality. Thank God for anniversaries.
7. Ok…just to clear it up…We were attacked…Islamic Terrorists were to blame…We asked all the countries to help us kill all the terrorists…2 countries said ‘Fuck You’… both have new governments now…The next country to hinder us from this plan…will have a new government too.

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