Picks for Week 3:
Bucs over Falcons (-3) – TB Defence to powerful
Steelers over Bengals (-4) – Steelers balanced accross the board
Vikings over Lions (-3) – Vikings O is coming around
Colts over Jags (-3) – Colts O is starting to fire on all cylinders
Chiefs over Texans (-8) – Never bet against Vermeil this year unless the points are 10 or higher
Jets over Pats (+7) Point spread is too high for an division game.
Titans over Saints (Pick) Titans power will beat the mistake prone saints
Packers over Cardnials (-8) End of the Packers slow start….begins with this game
Rams over Seahawks (-3) Sorry I have to pick them…habit
Redskins over Giants (-8) 8 points too high for these teams
Ravens over Chargers (Pick) Chargers will start winning soon…but not against the Solid Raven’s D
Buffalo over Dolphins (+3) Buffalo will eek this upset out. (probably by one)
Denver over Oakland (-3) battle of mistakes will favor the the home team.

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