Wedding Site has been moved to the Gallery Section.

A full report on the wedding and honeymoon from both Deb and I will be posted soon. Including all the TableCam pics and professional pics too. So keep checking the gallery for updates.

In other news: Rams – Game 1 – Lose
Well the season started poorly for the rams, but I still have a positive outlook on the season. The interior of the O-Line failed and Warner got knocked silly, even getting a concussion in the second. After the headache wore off in the fourth it was too late. The Third wide receiver McDonald fell and ran incorrect routes all night. And Marshall seemed to be able to do nothing with the ball. NY-s Defense was on fire-. but so was ours-. holding their offense to 17 points-and every point was a struggle for them. Warner is out for this weekend against the 49ers. But I have a good vibe that Bulger will tear them up. All the problems are fixable and our 20th schedule should keep us on top till the end. Having Sehorn and Curtis back after the fifth week bye will be like hitting the Nitro button.

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