True Grit (3.5 of 5)
Cohen Brothers have a style’¦when that style allows for a smooth narrative: Oh Brother/Fargo/Raising Arizona they create gems that can be claimed as classics. But when they over create and the acts change pace, then the journey becomes less enjoyable. Character has never been a problem for them’¦but pacing has. Bridges absorbs the role’¦Damon struggles to keep composed behind the scene stealing mustache ,Pepper and Brolin are unrecognizable but they are the reason the third act works. True Grit has a truly wonderful third act’¦but I think it is only that way due to the fact that the first and second act crawled like a Prius going to snow summit. Loved the John Wayne original’¦but this was a bit too grungy and cerebral at the same time (something work in Raising Arizona due to the fantasy nature of the film). It would scare the Beejesus out of me if people with bad teeth like that talked like they just came out of Harvard. Anyway’¦not a waste of time by a longshot’¦but not the best the Cohen’s have up their sleeve either. Drearily shot’¦but Raising Arizona was the last one shot that wasn’t (that was 12 films and 34 years ago)

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