Good!’¦very clean!’¦Greatest superhero movie?’¦umm no’¦it falls right in line with X-Men 3 from this year’¦and doesn’t even come close to last years Batman Returns. Ok’¦that’s the ugly review’¦the nice one follows:

The plane crash sequence near the beginning is a brilliant action sequence that made you think you were going to get a Spiderman action fest’¦instead the story crawls along with a series of emotionless close-ups, a few gay (ummm Metrosexual) poses, and few far too quite revelations (see DaVinci Code) that made it kind of a bore. Where does it fall apart’¦well nowhere really’¦it just kind of a ho hum experience. A horribly slow paced film for 90% of its running time. The only tension was a door shutting’¦really hard’¦.(you’™ll know when it happens). I wasn’t disturbed by the global (not American) political correctness’¦but taking out ‘˜Truth, Justice and the American Way’ out of the the film just shows how far we have come to be a milk toast society. Back to the movie’¦ Lex, while played by the right actor, is halfway between the brilliant and sinister Gene Hackman original and the Smallville Lex where he is more of a palatable CEO in search of more money’¦.so basically’¦he was ‘˜middle of the road’™ worthless. Routh as Superman was good’¦and can easily carry the franchise forward’¦he doesn’t have the screen domination that Reeve brought to the table’¦but it’s a good, slightly younger, impression none the less. To me Lois was always kind of a slut’¦.now she is a mom and it takes that part away’¦overall Kate wasn’t horrible but you would expect at least one bruise from being smashed around for a lot of the movie’¦.not even a scratch’¦must be that protein injection she got from superman way back when. Parkey Posie was a nice addition’¦sort of a mean breastless version of Valerie Perrine’¦but she owned the two jokes in the whole film. The only real kudos goes to the effects’¦although life was a little simpler using Singer’s patented x-men style near monochrome palette’¦as he hovered above the city’¦I saw Neo ‘˜doing his superman thing’™’¦as he flew around the crashing plane’¦I saw Serenity and Attack of the Clones’¦As he flew through the city on his back’¦.I saw Spiderman’¦.nothing new’¦but well done and perfectly placed. The best overall description I could make would be ‘˜Superman III version 2’™. Just cancel out 3-5 and put this in it place’¦it fits well there. A good homage to the 1978 Superman but a little short of the bar that Matrix, Batman and Spiderman have raised the game too. Opening titles were great’¦old school is the new school’¦Closing titles fit the overall movie experience’¦bland and too long’¦.apparently they hired every effects house in the world accept the two nominated for academy awards the last two years’¦Weta and ILM.

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