ComicCon…can’t be there…but I feel Avenged!!

Been watching the ComicCon reports for fun movie stuff’¦and while most of the panels are ‘˜had to be there’™ affairs. One surprise rules the weekend’¦and this was it’¦.

The Avengers are finally complete’¦.and have been assembled on stage!!!

Iron Man ‘“Robert Downey Jr.
Agent Coulson – Clark Gregg
Black Widow ‘“ Scalett Johanssen
Thor ‘“ Chris Hemsworth
Captain America’¦ Chris Evans
Nick Fury ‘“ Samuel L Jackson
And the newest members announced tonight:
Hawkeye-Jeremy Remer
Hulk ‘“ Mark Ruffalo
Writer Director Joss Whedon (Buffy/Firefly/Dollhouse) is on the end.
Now lets get this party started!….May 4th 2012

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