American Idol – Girls Top Eight

Crystal Bowersox
Gimmie one reason’¦Spot on with just enough extra flavor to make it fun. I still have no attraction to her (could be the missing tooth or the appearance of a shower-less lifestyle)’¦but this was her best performance by far.

Siobhan Magnus
House of the rising sun’¦very adult’¦ controlled throughout the song’¦ she is a great wildcard’¦great.

Lacey Brown
Folksy and much better than last week. Highs and lows were very controlled. Overall nice performance and should be safe.

Katelyn Epperly
I feel the earth move’¦song is a bit more dynamic than just standing there playing a keyboard. Sound was pretty good…but disconnected and dull.

Didi Benami
A little Stevie Nicks’¦wow’¦that was dull’¦no spark’¦a little folksy…connection was there’¦but I didn’t care.

Lilly Scott
Patsy cline’¦butchered like a Christmas ham’¦she has the voice to do it, but doesn’t have a country bone in her body. Way too far off to make it work.

Katie Stevens
Breakaway…starts flat’¦and never gets out of it. Chorus a little better’¦but not by much’¦sub par all around.

Paige Miles
Smile’¦weird walk up’¦weird vibrato throughout the song’¦like nervousness’¦middle outpaced the music’¦an overall sloppy mess.
Might not be any sisters in the big show this.

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