American Idol Boys Week 2

Due to one of the chicks having a diabetes incident ( yes..the homeless looking one) the order was switched up and the dudes go on tonight

In order of how I think they finished.

Mullett – Alex Lambert
Everybody Knows’¦Very John Mayer’¦catchy’¦ fun to listen too and very nice.
(creepy moment’¦.Randy’s package has it ‘˜own language’™)

Lee Dewyze

Rock ballad in the Daughtry mold’¦very polished’¦raspy front man style’¦might hurt him in the long run …but it worked tonight

Big Mike – Michael Lynche
Mans World’¦Fits his voice ‘¦perfect song choice’¦Performance was very good.

Casey James

‘˜I don’t wanna be’™’¦not clean’¦to staccato and a pale rendition of the original and way below the Bo Bice version’¦pretty good guitar work though.

Parkman ‘“ John Park
Gravity’¦I still only see him as a great karaoke singer’¦a singing career for sure’¦just not a star. Slow song when he needs something to stand out

Aaron Kelly
Struggling with My Girl’¦mostly vibrato problems’¦but selling the song’¦.ending flat’¦nice try, but not a front runner.

Andrew Garcia
Good smooth voice’¦kind of weird t o watch without a guitar’¦seemed off pitch and dull. Needs to trust his voice , perform more and loosen up.

Jermaine Sellers
ROCK THE ONESY’¦but the hair has to go’¦wrong attitude for the somber song’¦vocals pretty smooth but still wrong. Scat was even good.

Todrick Hall

Does another perfect butchering of a classic song. He can sing but his self indulgent and phony victimhood (colorblind casting’¦are you kidding me?) needs to tone it down changes or go home.

Tim Urban
Better than last week’¦but this is his ceiling’¦I don’t see any way to improve’¦Ellen has a good point’¦he is a’™ Glee character’™’¦I don’t think he is a pop star. (Deb says he would fit in a partridge family remake’¦brilliant observation)

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