basic (5k image)Basic (3.6 of 5)
Basic is basically (he he) a masculine version of Ed Zwick’s wonderful ‘Courage Under Fire’. An investigation of a military incident told differently by different people. But the similarity ends with twists and turns that you can’t perceive coming. And while I understood the ending, the misleading stuff to get there almost has to be completely thrown away to make sense. While the story of what happened can be changed and misinterpreted, we as a viewer must believe what is being said and discovered by the investigators. In M. night’s ‘Signs’ for instance each story point fits into a large puzzle at the end. Here a few of the pieces were for a different puzzle, one we are not even building. Travolta, Daly, Jackson and Neilson give great performances and you enjoy every frame of them on the screen. Director John McTeirnan comes back from the disastrous Rollerball and returns to the Predator/Die Hard style of filmmaking that makes him great. Action is limited and plays more like an Out-Of-Courtroom drama, but McTeirnan’s style keeps you interested and never slows down for a breather.

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