core (4k image)The Core (3.5 of 5)
Summer Disaster Movie, almost a clich- in itself, but one thing about clich-s-we do them because they work. Some of the early reviews I read said the movie was bad and childish and stupid. So I went in expecting nothing but bad, but came out saying,-Hey-that was pretty good-. The liquid part of the earth-s core stops spinning causing all types of magnetic and atmospheric problems. The destruction of San Francisco ..Yaaa!-damn 49ers, and the pigeon issue in London being the best visualized. When everyone in a one mile area with a pacemaker suddenly drops dead, a local college geologist figures out the problem and reports it to the snobbish head of geology for the US Government-and away we go. One of the people the head geologist stepped on during his rise to the top, has the knowledge to get to the center of the earth. And a ship is built and a crew is picked. The science part is surprisingly right on, a few issues but nothing like the problems with Armageddon. Once we get going you see just about everything coming, but the tight acting and direction pointed you in exciting and fun directions. Kind of a poor man-s Armageddon but they do the most with it.

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