tears (4k image)Tears of the Sun (2.8 of 5)
Antoine Fuqua made a big bang with his first flick-Replacement Killers-, It brought in a great Asia film star, and was top notch for it-s Hong Kong style action. Next up Training Day. A good movie by most standards, but was dirty, way too dirty. The action part disappeared in lieu of a story of power and corruption. So the green light was lit for a Bruce Willis war movie, and we all hoped for a-Replacement Killers- in the jungle. Praying for a remake of the great-Dark of the Sun- (Mercenaries). What we got was Training Day in the Jungle-.DAMMIT!!!. It was straightforward and methodical journey it to a commanders soul- and did I mention slow. It had the feeling of a Tom Clancy movie-one of the so-so ones, and was less entertaining to boot. The actors did great, but the movies style was more like Apocalypse Now without the fight scenes. One battle takes place in the film-that-s right ONE. A lot of stupid thing kept happening that took me out of the movie…what the hell was Skerrit doing talking on a cell phone when jets are landing behind them, good thing he knew his lines cause he definitely couldn-t hear who was on the phone. Overall, the film offered more frustration than enjoyment. By the way, Cole Hauser, you did great, great character- we need more heroic demolitionists.

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