daredevil (6k image)Daredevil (3.8 of 5)
The first of the Comic book adaptations so far this year. I was looking forward to it mostly because one of my uber-babes Alias-s Jen Garner is playing Elektra. It-s not spider-man, but very entertaining none the less. Ben Affleck does a surprising good job as the blind lawyer turned night stalking hero. The hardest thing to achieve, Murdoch-s sonic sense, was both the high and low point of the film. In fighting scenes, the BLUE sense, was confusing and helped nothing. When using it to find a criminal in the subway and to see Elektra on the rooftop, pure brilliance. Jen and Ben-s fights were well filmed, but the others were shot way too close, and were confusing. A workable franchise, or two for that matter, and hopefully will get streamlined in the next edition.

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