Chicks Dig Scars

Mo continued his cruising prowess by using his stand up walker to zip back and forth across the front room. Later as he stood near the front door it unhooked and sent him barreling to the concrete porch. A little blood’¦a little crying, and the abrasions became apparent’¦as you can see he is suffering’¦..(snicker).

Any day now he will figure out that walking is easier on the body then crawling’¦but lack of biped mastery doesn’t stop him from climbing on tables and attempting to find the highest part in the room to sit on.

In other Family news on the same day:‘¦Saturday, as I was the cleaning the pool so that the rest of the clan can cool off’¦. as usual Suzi Que was the first one in’¦and before I could stop her she got through the gate and back in the house. Water was all over the tile and wood floors’¦and Deb came out to go to pool with Morgan’¦she slipped and wrenched her knee badly’¦.X-rays were negative but if the pain continues a MRI may be needed. Needless to say’¦.I was taking care of two non-walking entities on Sunday. It was a tough weekend all around.

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