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Tsunami Tuesday is coming next week (February 5th) so its time for the OMSmedia voter guide.

Most of you know I have already moved my Primary vote over to Mitt Romney for POTUS. So the rest of you’¦.vote to your hearts content.

Quick Run Down of the Final Four anyways:

R-Mitt Romney: Millionaire Business man with Mormon Family Values (the new Mormons’¦no the 1800’s Mormons) Four years of executive experience as a Republican Governor in the most Liberal state on the East Coast.
R-John McCain: War Hero (good), Senator from Arizona (OK) , turns liberal if he thinks it can pass legislation (Bad). Too Old and the enemy of Ross Perot (while in Hanoi Hilton’¦ Ross helped his family here at home, upon returning…dumped his wife for newer .younger model…Ross has disliked him ever since)
D-Hillary Clinton: Shrill banshee of the Moderate left. And like her husband is ruthless behind the scenes’¦all fluffy in front of camera’¦and devoid of free market ideas in reality.
D-Barack Obama: The Wild Card’¦Charismatic’¦Good communicator as long as you don’t analyze what he says, Foreign Policies ideas are down right disastrous, and hands down the most liberal of the bunch.
In other races :Paul’s is a certifiable nutjob who believes the war should end because it is not economically feasible, Kucinch is doing a recount on a state he finished 4th in and Huckabee is from Arkansas’¦nuf said.

So on to the props for my State:

The Official wording: Prohibits certain motor vehicle fuel sales and use taxes, that are earmarked for the Transportation Investment Fund, from being retained in the General Fund. Currently such taxes may be retained if Governor issues a proclamation, a special statute is enacted by a 2/3 vote of the Legislature, repayment occurs within three years, and certain other conditions are met.
Pro-Stance: There is none’¦.Arnold already did it in first term
Anti-Stance: ditto

OMSmedia Stance: Already done’¦Vote NO

The Official wording:
*Establishes in state constitution a system of independent public community college districts and Board of Governors.
* Generally, requires minimum levels of state funding for school districts and community college districts to be calculated separately, using different criteria and separately appropriated.
*Allocates 10.46 percent of current Proposition 98 school funding maintenance factor to community colleges.
* Sets community college fees at $15/unit per semester; limits future fee increases.
Pro-Stance: Proposition 92 guarantees the community college system independence from state politics.
Anti-Stance: The real question is whether California can afford to lock a huge new spending mandate into our Constitution.

OMSmedia Stance: It basically creates a constitutional freeze on tuition. When the state needed more money’¦.it raised fees. From $15 per unit to $26. They did this so they would not have to raise sales tax or gas tax’¦.etc. Not that matters ‘¦but even at $26 we are the lowest in the country. I’™m going to go with the Taxpayers on this’¦ME. Vote NO

The Official wording:
* Reduces the total amount of time a person may serve in the state legislature from 14 years to 12 years.
* Allows a person to serve a total of 12 years either in the Assembly, the Senate, or a combination of both.
* Provides a transition period to allow current members to serve a total of 12 consecutive years in the house in which they are currently serving, regardless of any prior service in another house.
Pro-Stance: Proposition 93 reforms the law in two important ways:
It reduces the total number of years new legislators can serve from 14 years to 12, and It allows all 12 years to be served entirely in the State Assembly, State Senate, or a combination of both.
These simple but important adjustments will let legislators spend more time working for taxpayers, and less time worrying about which office to run for next.

Anti-Stance: The initiative lengthens terms for politicians. It doubles Assembly terms from 6 years to 12 years and makes Senate terms 50% longer-increasing them from 8 years to 12 years. Some politicians will even be able to serve up to 20 years in office-just like before we passed term limits.

OMSmedia Stance: This is reason we are all here’¦.You see the reason we were moved up to Tsunami Tuesday was to allow this Prop to be voted on. Due to the Term limits legislation we already passed (mostly to get rid of Willie Brown) 42 current legislators will be out of a job soon (some not this year’¦but still in final term)’¦.this is a last ditch effort to allow them to run for reelection. If it passes…then they can be on the ballot in June 3rd (that’s right 3 ELECTIONS THIS YEAR) Vote NO’¦we already have term limits.

The Official Wording: Would permit tribe to operate 3000-5500 additional slot machines depending on tribe. Allows Tribal Environmental assessments instead of California Environmental assessment for impact. Adds 20 to 42.5 million in annual government fees as well as fees for additional slots on current per machine basis, depending on tribe. Increased state regulatory oversight through audits and random inspections. ‘¢ Strict new environmental standards for casino-related projects. ‘¢ Binding mitigation agreements that increase coordination between tribes and local governments, including compensation for law enforcement and fire services.

Pro-Stance: Under new Indian Gaming Revenue Agreements negotiated by the Governor and approved by bipartisan majorities of the Legislature, the 4 Southern California tribes will pay a much higher percentage of their gaming revenues to the state.

Anti-Stance: Add up all the slot machines at a dozen big Vegas casinos, including the Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mirage, and Mandalay Bay, and they still wouldn’t total the 17,000 additional slot machines these deals authorize. California would become home to some of the largest casinos in the world. Just 4 of California’s 108 tribes would get UNFAIR CONTROL OVER ONE-THIRD OF THE STATE’™S INDIAN GAMING PIE, with dominant casinos that could ECONOMICALLY DEVASTATE SMALLER TRIBES.

OMSmedia Stance: More money for us’¦on the backs of addicted Californians’¦We dictate revenue on land we don’t even own’¦what’s more Californian then that? ‘¦Vote YES

91: NO
92: NO
93: NO
94: YES
95: YES
96: YES
97: YES

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