Day one of the elimination rounds began in Philly’¦city of brotherly (literally sometimes) love.

The normal nut jobs…
‘œI’m just gonna do actressing’
‘œhold on simon, your ruining the mood’
‘œso that’s not your costume?’
‘œwho was the bad guy in Spiderman One?’

…were in attendance. 20 others got through’¦but the ones to watch for me were:

Kristy Lee Cook ‘“ tall, hot, sweet and can kick your ass, she is a UFC style cage fighter. (this years Ayla Brown)
and the 28 year old blonde (name escapes me), not the Brooke the hippie nanny at the end, but the more soulful mature one about an hour in.
On a down note: We also had the token ‘œI’™m doing this for my baby with Retts syndrome’, you would think someday we would run out of those.

Well two more hours tonight….tally ho!

Other New Stats’¦’¦
AI Alum Album Sales (1/2008)

1. Kelly Clarkson (3 Albums): 9.4 million total
2. Carrie Underwood (2 Albums): 7.9 million total
3. Clay Aiken (3 Albums): 4.8 million total
4. (Chris) Daughtry, Daughtry: 3.6 million
5. Ruben Studdard (3 Albums): 2.5 million total
6. Fantasia (2 Albums): 2.3 million total
7. Bo Bice (2 Albums): 706,000 total
8. Kellie Pickler, Small Town Girl: 702,000
9. Taylor Hicks, Taylor Hicks: 699,000
10. Josh Gracin, Josh Gracin: 695,000
11. Elliott Yamin (2 Albums): 563,000 total
12. Jordin Sparks: 473,000 total
13. Katharine McPhee, Katharine McPhee: 366,000
14. Bucky Covington, Bucky Covington: 317,000
15. Blake Lewis: 286,000 total

I do own three of them’¦.good luck guessing which three.

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